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Outward is an outdoor brand focused on helping people connect with the outdoors. We believe that a deepened relationship with the outdoors improves mental & physical health while increasing awareness of the need to protect & conserve our world.

The Wild is Waiting

Outward is an ethos. It’s a lifestyle shaped not only by being in wild spaces, but also by the appreciation for the wild that’s around us no matter our location. Outward was born from a craving of the outdoors and from the life the outdoors gives to the human soul.  

The Wild

The Mountains – earth and trees climb towards the sky giving both perspective and shelter. Life thrives in the mountains where fresh air and green vistas reign. The mountains are often places where we regain our vision and discover nourishment we forgot we needed.

The Desert – based in Phoenix, AZ, the desert is our home. The resilience, harshness, and beauty of the desert speak deeply to us – if we let it. Often under-appreciated, the struggle to thrive in the desert has a unique ability to focus the human spirit.

The Sea – the vastness of the ocean and the unknown that lies just beyond human vision call to us to be better understood. Like travelers of long ago, we long to know what is beyond the horizon and just out of reach.

The Environment

At Outward we believe the planet – both the wild spaces and the tame – deserves to be protected.  By escaping to wild spaces, we are reminded of the urgency of preserving the natural world.  By dreaming of the wild, we’re reminded that we also have an impact on our planet with each decision we make.

Mental & Physical Health

Life is difficult. The pace in which we’re encouraged to live is often unsustainable. In the wild, we are reminded of what is truly important.  As we align with the pace of nature, we discover new energy, clarity, and hope.

Outward Goods

We created Outward as an exercise of our own wild spirits.  We long to be in the fresh air of spaces not often traveled. When we can’t physically be in the wild, we hope to live in a way that brings elements of the wild to our everyday. Our products are imagined as inspiration. Each item serves a purpose in carrying the spirit of the wild wherever we go.  

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